Bondi Cross Necklace - Edona
Bondi Cross Necklace - Edona

Bondi Cross Necklace

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Our stunning Bondi Cross Necklace is a sideways cross necklace with a beautiful blue eye. This evil eye necklace stares back at the world to ward off evil eye and keep you safe from harm! It has an adjusting link in the back to cater the length to your liking. 

  • silver & gold plated
  • chain length: 45+5cm
  • evil eye size: 5mm
  • cross size: 12mm
  • adjustable 
  • organic e-coating
  • lead & nickel free
  • safe for sensitive skin 
These necklaces are silver plated and require proper care: 

If your silver-plated items are showing some signs of tarnish and require a light clean, using plain old soap and water can restore its shine. Use a mild liquid soap and warm water to create a foamy solution in a container. Submerge the jewelry in the water for several minutes. 

Our jewelry is good for you and good for our environment. This necklace is silver & gold plated. It won't turn your skin green (if properly cared for) or give you an itchy, uncomfortable rash.